Pluralistic Jewish studies: supplementary study hours for Jewish subjects, in addition to the state mandated core curriculum. Meshutaf Tel Aviv receives pedagogical support through Meitarim

Pedagogical staff: The kindergarten and school teachers are chosen for their excellence as educators and their identification with the values of pluralistic education. Each staff member receives on-going training and participates in professional development programs to enhance and broaden their skill base.

Community: Meshutaf Tel Aviv is a thriving community that reflects the heterogeneous character of Israeli society and includes veteran Israelis, recent immigrants, secular, traditional, mixed and religious families. Community life is centered around the school, and is enriched by organized cultural and educational activities, holiday celebrations, beit midrash-style study evenings, and many other activities for children and their families. 

Rich Jewish education inspired by multiple voices

Is pluralistic education suitable for my family?

Meshutaf Tel Aviv is the right framework for you if you identify with the following statements: 

“I want my child to think about Judaism – philosophy, texts and culture – as an integral part of his or her life, alongside humanist principles and world culture."

“I hope that my children will grow up to be open and tolerant people without relying on stereotypes or fear of those who are different from them.”

“I want my children to be deeply familiar with Jewish culture and world culture, and  to feel comfortable with both.”



משותף תל אביב   Meshutaf Tel Aviv

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