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Meshutaf Tel Aviv - Inclusive Jewish Pluralistic Education 


In Israel today, there are currently more than two dozen pluralistic elementary and secondary schools, each with diverse student populations coming from religious, traditional, mixed and secular backgrounds. This is in contrast to the "status quo" arrangement set at the time of the establishment of the state, which separated religious and secular students into different educational frameworks. In the last decades of the 20th century, educators, parents and social activists alike came to believe that this separation of school-age children had detrimental effects on Israeli society as a whole. As a result, a movement set out to establish "meshulav" or mixed schools where children coming with diverse Jewish identities, traditions and various levels of religious engagement could learn together in one classroom.

Meshutaf Tel Aviv is the first pluralistic school in Tel Aviv. Our children are encouraged to develop a shared dialogue, to be inspired by multiple viewpoints, and taught to respect worldviews and lifestyles different than their own. Meshutaf Tel Aviv is not affiliated with any specific stream of Judaism, and supports adherence to a halachic lifestyle for those who wish to do so, yet does not privilege one lifestyle over another. 



משותף תל אביב   Meshutaf Tel Aviv

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